How to get your $10.4 million dinner date

A $10,400 dinner at a super buffet in downtown Palm Beach Gardens is an easy date night — but it comes with a price tag.

The buffet at the old town restaurant has become an attraction for the wealthy and the wealthy-looking, with more than 1,000 different tables, according to a Facebook page that promotes the event.

The menu is full of exotic dishes and expensive items.

For example, one of the more pricey items, an elephant on a stick, has been sold for $1.7 million.

The price tag is part of the attraction.

The menu is packed with exotic items like the elephant on the stick and other pricey items.

There are also cocktails, wine and beer, appetizers and desserts, according the Palm Beach Post.

Some of the people who come to the super buffet are in their 80s and 90s, said Jennifer Stacey, a marketing executive for the Palm Park Inn, the hotel’s largest franchise.

They come for the cocktails, the wine and the good food.

“We’re catering to a younger clientele,” she said.

“And they’re paying for it.”

In a separate Facebook post, the Palm Springs Hilton said it has increased the price for the buffet from $15.75 to $15 per person.

A similar event at the Hilton was recently reduced to $10 per person, and the Super Buffet is available at the same price.

The super buffet is located at 4201 N. Grand Ave., across from the Palm Court Mall, the resort’s largest shopping center.

The event is not open to the public.

A company called Super Buffets, which advertises the buffet as a “Super Buffet for the Super-Rich,” says its events are open to anyone of any age.

It is also open to people who are accompanied by a guest, including family members.

There are also no admission fees.

A Facebook page called “Families at the SuperBuffet” offers photos and videos of people and their children at the event, with an estimated $15,000 for the event per person in total.

Some people have written in that the super buffet is “the biggest thing that has happened to me in my life” and is “worth every penny.”

Others have posted that the event is an “honorary trip” for the family, or that it is a way to thank their friends and family for supporting the event at a time of economic hardship.

One commenter on the Facebook page wrote: My husband and I were at a Super Buffett last night.

I was in my 40s and his wife in her 80s.

She had a great time with her friends and a group of friends.

I had a very good time with my son and my daughter.

She was so friendly and very nice.

I don’t think she was expecting the super bowl to be like that.

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