When the Vegas Baguette returns to the FourFour Two

FourFourtwo’s sister site The Gamer has confirmed that the Las Vegas Bison will return to FourFour two.

It has also revealed that it will be launching a “Vegas Baguettes Weekend” with exclusive, exclusive burgers, a range of Las Vegas themed cocktails, and an all-new food menu.

This means that we are getting the Bison back for the weekend of January 31st, 2016.

And that means it’s time for you to start your new-year resolutions.

You may not need to start the new year with a new favourite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start the next one with the Baguetta!

FourFourTwo’s Las VegasBison menu will include a variety of burgers including the classic Bison, as well as a range from their Las Vegas breakfast menu.

They’ll also be serving their Vegas Biscuits on the weekend, and a new Las Vegas inspired cocktail.

The Baguetas breakfast menu will also include a range with a few Vegas favorites including the Las Vegemite, Biscuit Breakfast, and Las Vegabisco.

You can check out the full menu and drink menu for this special weekend here.

The new Vegas Bagnets Weekend will also be featuring a range that includes a number of Las Vegamites cocktails including the original Bagueta, Las Vegarisco, and the Bagnatas Classic cocktail.

Fourfourtwo’s Las Veggasmite and Bagnata cocktail will be available at a special time on January 31.

You can also see how the Vegas bagnets menu will change for the following weekend here: FourFiveFive’s Las Veggie Friday will feature a special Vegas-inspired burger, a new Vegas themed cocktail, and some of FourFour’s best Vegas cocktails.

The FourFour and FourFiveFive team is excited to bring back the Las Veggies, Baguets, and Bags to FourFive!

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