When Hawaii’s Biggest Restaurant Sushi Belly Saves the Planet

When Hawaiian chain Hibachi opened its first sushi bar in a Honolulu hotel in 1993, it was a hot item in the local sushi scene.

But its success in Hawaii has been so far underwhelming that its owners have decided to go elsewhere, closing the last remaining sushi restaurant in the Big Island state.

They’re selling off the last sushi bar on the island of Oahu.

The location is now owned by Hawaiian-based Hire Hawaii, a company that specializes in seafood catering.

The bar will reopen at a new location, but Hibachis will still be around.

The owners of Hibacho, owner Scott and Sue Hinman, said in a news release that their decision was based on a number of factors, including the fact that the restaurant was too small to sustain a large sushi menu.

“The restaurant will continue to offer a diverse and authentic menu of Japanese-style sushi,” they said.

“In addition, we have decided that our staff and guests will continue enjoying the traditional sushi experience in our restaurant.”

This is the third year that Hibashi Sushi Bar has closed, the Hinmans said.

The first opened in 2008.

Hibachi is one of the biggest sushi chains in the country, and its offerings include more than 300 varieties of sushi.

Hibaki has been operating in Honolulu since 1990.

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