How to eat in Tokyo: the world’s best sushi buffet

Japan’s oceanside sushi restaurants are known for their incredible buffet dining, but the best of the best are actually right on the beach.

We asked chefs at the world-famous Fuji Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo to share the best places to get sushi.

Ranchero King’s buffet restaurant, Fuji sushi, opened its doors in 2011, with the ultimate sushi experience right on its beachfront.

While there are many restaurants in Tokyo with great sushi offerings, none can compare to Ranchero’s in terms of its quality and ease of access.

Located in a busy shopping district, it’s a place where you can easily grab a meal, and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

We went with a choice of rice and soy chicken, but you can also get the nigiri or egg rolls.

The food is made with only the freshest ingredients.

We got a tuna-based roll and a spicy tuna salad with a pickled radish, avocado and cucumber.

The spicy tuna was delicious and served with a sweet potato.

The rice was crispy and had a creamy texture.

It was also very good.

We ordered a shrimp roll and it came with a salad and a bowl of rice.

It wasn’t bad at all, but it was not as flavorful as the tuna roll.

The roll had a good amount of crunch, and it was cooked to perfection.

It’s a very good place to go for sushi.

We also tried the sushi buffet from Osu, a restaurant on the east side of the city.

The buffet had plenty of seating and was a bit quieter, so you don’t get crowded.

We had the rice and the sushi, but we also got a sweet and spicy tuna roll and two egg rolls with a side of kimchi.

The sweet and salty tuna roll was delicious.

There was a great amount of flavor on the roll.

We also got the fish-based sushi roll.

It came with three pieces of tuna and two eggs.

It tasted a bit like a traditional Japanese fish roll, but there was enough meat and fat to satisfy all of our tastes.

This was our favorite sushi buffet, and we definitely recommend it to any sushi fan.

We ended up getting a choice between the pork belly roll, which was delicious, and the grilled chicken, which came with two pieces of chicken and two pieces.

The grilled chicken was delicious because it was perfectly cooked and the flavors were very rich.

The chicken was well seasoned, so it was a delicious choice.

It also had a nice amount of fat and fat content.

We really enjoyed the grilled fish roll.

The only thing we didn’t like about the sushi was the rice, which had a bit of a sour taste to it.

It had a very thick and heavy texture that was a little tough to digest.

It didn’t make us feel any better, though, because it also tasted a little bit salty.

I think we all got what we wanted from the sushi at Rancheros, but this wasn’t it.

Rancho King’s newest restaurant, Fuji sushi, is located in a large shopping area in the downtown area.

The restaurant is quite large, but not overly crowded.

You can order a variety of sushi, from sushi rolls to nigiri rolls.

The rolls are made from rice and come with a variety a vegetables, like the seaweed salad and the egg roll.

There are also many options for desserts and a wide selection of juices and drinks.

The sushi buffet is a bit more crowded, but for the most part, it was good.

It served a good number of rolls, but they weren’t as good as the sushi rolls from Fuji.

We enjoyed the spicy tuna rolls, and they came with some sweet and a little spicy tuna, which is nice.

There were plenty of options for dessert, too.

The most interesting part about the Fuji sushi buffet was the fact that it only had one chef serving, so we had to wait for several minutes before we could get seated.

We ended up waiting about 10 minutes for our order to be taken.

The staff was attentive and helpful.

It took a bit longer than we expected to get seated, but once we did, we enjoyed the food.

The sushi was a lot of fun, and there were many options.

We’ll definitely be back when we get more time at Fuji sushi.

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