‘Gentlemen, this is the last time you’re going to see us’: Chinese tourists’ angry reactions after US ban

The mood in Shanghai was tinged with anger as a US ban on all Chinese food imports was imposed on Sunday, after a visit by US President Donald Trump in April.

“I’m not going to be at my usual place, but I hope you understand that I’m here to welcome you all,” Mr Trump told his Chinese hosts in his first formal state visit to China.

“We’re not here to celebrate the Chinese New Year,” he said.

But a number of visitors said the ban was unnecessary. “

And this is very much about their political, economic, and security interests,” he added.

But a number of visitors said the ban was unnecessary.

“It’s a very small country and it’s not like the US is an economic superpower,” said Yang Jing, a Chinese food blogger.

“They are very poor.

We’re all poorer than them.”

The ban has angered many Chinese tourists, who have criticised it as unfair.

“This ban will affect all of us and I am sure that we will be angry with the US,” Ms Yang said.

The ban, announced by the US Treasury Department in March, banned food imports from the US from all countries except for Chinese food, which was a move Mr Trump said would help Chinese exports.

“As the largest exporter of American food, the US should not have such a restriction on the sale of Chinese food,” he wrote in a statement announcing the ban.

The move sparked widespread protests across the US and other countries.

Mr Trump’s visit has been overshadowed by the fallout from the killing of a US special forces soldier by a suspected Chinese man in Afghanistan.

Mr Yang also took issue with the government’s decision to bar food from several countries including the US, China and Canada.

“The Chinese government is not in a position to control food in the US.

The Chinese government has no control over it,” she said.

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