The Caesars Palace is planning a buffet for the fall

The Caressars Palace has officially confirmed it will be serving a buffet of fresh and seasonal dishes to guests in the fall.

The Palace is holding a dinner for a special audience in honour of the Queen’s 75th birthday in honour.

It’s the first time Caressions has served a special dinner.

The buffet will be on the ground floor of the new building at the back of the Palace and will include a number of seasonal dishes including grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken fried steak and chicken salad.

The palace is hoping to create an intimate setting for guests to eat their food, which will include seasonal fruit and vegetables, seasonal jams, pastries, soups and stews.

The dining experience will be part of a new event called the ‘Beach Binge’.

It will be an evening of activities for the guests, including an evening entertainment, and a BBQ.

The royal couple will attend the event.

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