A Chinese man’s bizarre and delicious dessert for the elderly: A golden buffet

China has been dubbed the ‘golden buffet’ for its wealth of restaurants serving up a dizzying array of delicacies to the locals.

But, for many of the people who dine here, the golden-coated buffet is just another of the many ways in which they have to share a meal with their loved ones.

A Chinese man who had lost his job as a labourer in the US was inspired to create a golden buffet in his home town of Hangzhou.

The golden-themed buffet is part of a campaign that is being run by the ‘Golden Dining Centre’ to promote better nutrition and well-being in China, as well as highlighting the importance of social and cultural ties.

The Golden Dining centre has partnered with the Chinese government to offer meals and refreshments to residents of Hangszhou.

In recent years, a number of Chinese-Americans in the United States have shared similar experiences with the golden buffet.

But some have said they prefer the idea of a traditional Chinese-style buffet, and some are hoping that a similar concept will spread to other parts of the world.

The Chinese government has been keen to spread the word about its Golden Diners’ Paradise, which is run by a network of community members who have developed a plan to ensure the health of the local population, as the Chinese say it is the ‘motherland’.

The ‘Golden Dinner Centre’ is an umbrella organisation that organises and operates a number different programmes and projects in the Chinese capital, including the ‘Dining House’ which offers free food and drinks to local residents, as part of its ‘Golden Kitchen’ programme.

A number of residents, including Chinese-American businessman and Chinese-born actor Chris Cantwell, have also been featured in a documentary called ‘Golden Restaurant’ which has aired in the UK.

In the film, Cantwell describes the golden restaurant concept as a way for locals to celebrate together and is optimistic about its success.

“It’s not a simple way of opening a restaurant, but there’s no doubt that it will have a positive impact on the community,” he said.

“The restaurant will be a place for sharing food and for socialising and for enjoying together with the locals.”

Chinatown Chinese restaurants offer a variety of dining options including the traditional golden buffet at the Golden Dinning Centre, which features a variety prawns and other seafood, a traditional chinese meal, and a selection of soups and stews.

The food at the centre includes such classics as beef-and-prawn noodle soup, fried tofu and pork meatballs, as many of its customers also have Chinese dishes.

The centre also offers a range of Chinese and American dishes such as a spicy soup, a crispy chicken, a spicy rice bowl, and several other types of dishes.

In a video posted on the restaurant’s website, the restaurant says it hopes to spread awareness about the importance and benefits of the Golden Dinner Centre.

“We hope that the Golden Restaurants will inspire others to create Golden Restaurations for the community and help improve the health and wellbeing of the Chinese people,” it said.

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