Why the candy buffet at the Orientals isn’t the same as the Wicked Spoon

BMO, who will host a $300 million theme park attraction at the new Candy Pavilion at Disneyland, said it’s still “working out some details.”

But it did say it was still “looking at a number of different options” for the park, including “building a new, themed candy buffet,” but “it’s still in early stages of planning and construction.”

That’s the same line of thinking that led to a disastrous design for the candy-stuffed restaurant that opened in 2007 at Walt Disney World.

(The new candy-filled restaurant at Disneyland is now named The Candy Pavilion.)

It’s also not the first time BMO has faced criticism for not having a candy-centric theme park.

It’s been the subject of complaints from both the public and Disney, including one from Disney CEO Bob Iger who called the concept “stupid.”

In 2014, BMO said it would move to the world’s largest theme park when Disney announced it would build the first Disney theme park in 2021.

It opened its first location in 2014.

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