The Best New Cocktail Restaurants in Austin

It’s time to put a few things on ice: it’s the worst thing for the community, and the best thing for your wallet.

We spoke to some of the top Austin cocktail establishments about what it takes to win a cocktail contest, and we’ve also rounded up some of their best new offerings.


THE CIDGEL: Cidgel is one of the best new cocktail bars in Austin, but we’d bet that not everyone has heard of it.

This place has more than 20 different cocktail combinations, but they’re not all the same.

There are only five locations in Austin: the Old Irving Plaza in the CBD, the old-timey Red Oak Pub in downtown, the Old Red Oak Lounge in the Warehouse District, and in the old Downtown area.

They’re located all around the city, and you can find the newest and coolest drinks on their Facebook page.

They have the same drinks as their more popular sister bars, which is a great thing, because the best of the old Irving Plaza is gone, replaced by an even more trendy Red Oak bar.

There’s also a second location in downtown that has a nice mix of old-school, new-school and casual drinks.


THE SIX-BIT: When it comes to new and old favorites, The Six-Bit has the best mix.

It’s like a cross between the Five Guys and the Four Seasons, except they’re all in one bar.

The cocktails at The Six Bit range from $7-$12 and come in multiple varieties.

It also has a very eclectic selection of cocktails with both classic and contemporary elements, with everything from a splash of tequila to a simple cocktail with a few twists thrown in.

There is a full bar and a full kitchen, which makes for an excellent spot to take advantage of the restaurant’s cocktail menu and great drinks.

If you like cocktails, this is your spot to go. 3.

THE BACONHOUSE: If you want a truly authentic take on a Mexican-inspired menu, try The Baconhouse.

It is a restaurant with a very casual vibe, and it’s located in the heart of Austin, right in the middle of the CBD.

The Bacon House has more of a casual feel than the other Austin restaurants, but it still has the same great mix of drinks.

The restaurant has an all-you-can-eat menu and also has all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There isn’t a whole lot of space inside, but you can always find some space on the patio.


THE STYLE CHANGE: A few years ago, Austin was very much a place where you could get a great deal for a meal.

It wasn’t until the advent of Whole Foods and other local sources of fresh food came along that we saw a drastic shift in the way people ate and enjoyed food.

The idea behind Whole Foods was to put more of an emphasis on local and organic food, but the change has definitely led to some change in the Austin dining scene.

The change was noticeable in the new restaurants we’ve visited in the past year.

The Old Irving is definitely one of those, as it is the only one in Austin with a whole menu of local items.


THE PORCH: The restaurant at the heart a bar in downtown Austin has been a popular destination for a while.

We love that there are so many different types of dishes that people can have in their plates, and there’s something for everyone.

At the same time, there’s also an incredible selection of beers to go along with their delicious menu of cocktails and wines.

They also offer free samples and other incentives for patrons who have already ordered at least one of their menu items.

The bar also has its own dining room and an outdoor patio that is perfect for hanging out and drinking outside.


THE NEW STATION: Another new restaurant that has had a significant impact on the Austin food scene is The New Station.

This bar-turned-restaurant opened in May of 2017 in the Old Downtown neighborhood, and while it hasn’t quite caught on as a new restaurant in Austin as it did in previous years, it’s one of Austin’s best new places to eat.

The food at The New Stations is really good, and they’ve added a ton of new food to their menu in the last few years.

We highly recommend the Barboza, a spicy, sweet sauce made with fresh herbs, spices, and spices.


THE FALLING STAR: Austin is a city full of great restaurants, and this one is a perfect place to grab a great meal and enjoy some great cocktails.

It has a wide selection of wines, craft beers, cocktails, and even a couple of cocktail specials.

This restaurant also has amazing dining and dining-and-dining-and food options, so if you want to eat out,

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