What to eat at Sky & Buffalo’s Buffalo Wings: The best of Sky & amp; Buffalo

New York, NY—October 24, 2017—With the new year and the beginning of summer vacation, the sky buffet is once again open to the public.

Sky & Amp; Buffalo opened for business last night at the Westin Westchester Hotel, located at the edge of the city in the Westchester County neighborhood of New York City.

The buffet is owned and operated by Sky & Am.

Buffet owner David M. Cohen has been in the business for over 30 years and is also a member of Sky’s Board of Directors.

“We opened our first location here in New York in 1988,” Cohen said.

“The sky buffet has been a long-time fixture in Westchester, and it has always had a special place in my heart.

The sky buffet was created as a celebration of Buffalo wings.

The tradition of Buffalo wing eating started in West Virginia, and the idea of serving buffalo wings at a Buffalo Wings buffet came to us as a way to celebrate Buffalo wings with our Buffalo family.”

The Sky & am buffet is made with the freshest ingredients from Buffalo’s most iconic restaurants and is a signature dish for guests.

Guests are invited to sit down and enjoy a meal with a selection of local dishes such as fresh cut ham and buffalo sauce, hot dogs, chicken wings, shrimp and grits, and more.

The menu offers a wide selection of Buffalo and New York-style dishes.

Sky’s Buffalo wings are the perfect complement to a cocktail or a meal.

Sky dishes are available for a select number of menu items.

In addition to Buffalo wings, Sky’s offers wings of a variety of sauces, including Buffalo and Chihuahua hot sauce, buffalo and chihuahuan hot sauce and buffalo and cheddar hot sauce.

The Buffalo wings menu is available from 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.mp and is available at the Sky &Am restaurant.

The Sky Buffalo Wings are also available at many Buffalo restaurants and bars.

Sky Buffalo is also offering special deals on Buffalo wings from select Buffalo restaurants, and Sky is offering a Buffalo Wing Buffet for $75 on Saturday, October 31 at the Buffalo Wing Café.

For more information about Sky &am Buffalo Wings, call (212) 522-6222 or visit the Sky Buffalo website.

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