How to make a meal at Cicis Bistro for $15 a head

As you might expect, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Melbourne, and the Cicis Restaurant Group is no exception.

But if you want to take your Chinese meal to the next level, there’s a new addition to the Ciciscare menu, with a new $15 dinner buffet.

Cicis is the name of the new buffet, which was launched by the Victorian government in 2016 and opened to the public on Tuesday, March 11.

There are two different meals, including a breakfast buffet and lunch buffet.

The breakfast buffet is $18, and includes a breakfast sausage, soup, egg, vegetables, a plate of steamed noodles and dessert.

The lunch buffet is about $16.50, and is a traditional Chinese buffet with traditional Chinese food, a side dish, and a choice of soup or salad.

The Cicis lunch buffet, on the other hand, is $19.50.

The $15 lunch buffet includes a bowl of soup, rice, rice noodles and a salad.

You can also add a salad for $9.00.

Both meals are $12.50 for two people, but you can pick your own side for $5.50 each.

If you’re feeling hungry, Cicis has also created an option to make your meal at $20, which includes a side of noodles and rice with a side salad.

Ciciscan offers a wide selection of Chinese dishes, including stir fried egg, a dish of spicy rice, and sesame oil.

The meals can be ordered by phone from 1:30pm until 2:30am, Monday to Friday.

The dining room is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

A new buffet also opens to the community on Friday, March 16, at Ciciscant’s South Station.

The menu includes a choice from a wide range of dishes, from traditional Chinese to Indian, and has more than 300 dishes.

Cicisco will open a new dining room at South Station, in the area of South End, from 2:00pm to 4:00am on Monday to Thursday, and from 2.00pm until 6:00 am on Friday.

Cicisi’s new dining rooms will be open from 9am to 3pm every day except Monday and Friday.

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