New Vegas: Mesa – $4,999,995 buffet

The New Vegas Strip is going to be a real buffet this year, with a $4.9 million buffet planned for the week of June 25-30.

The Las Vegas Strip, the nation’s third-busiest city, is in the midst of a culinary renaissance.

Restaurants have started opening, with the first three restaurants scheduled to open in October.

It’s also time for the world to see what’s coming, because a new buffet will open for business on June 25.

The Mesa is the third new buffet in the Las Vegas area since the Strip opened.

The $4 million Mesa will be located on the Strip between the Las Cancas and the New Vegas Casino.

It will feature a $2,499 steak dinner, $2.99 cocktails, and $1,99 desserts.

There will also be an extensive bar, a $99 wine bar, and a $50 dessert bar.

The $4 Million Mesa features a $3,999 steak dinner with two courses for $2 more, a buffet for $1 less, and two desserts for $0 less than what the New Orleans and New Orleans New Orleans buffet offers.

The Mesa also features $2 dessert bar for $99.

It also offers $1 off drinks and $99 gift cards.

The New Vegas Resort & Casino (NVRC) will be hosting a $6,995 food and beverage buffet for the entire week beginning on June 30, with four courses each for $4 more, the Mesa.

The Las Vegas City Council will be selecting the four winners of this year’s Las Vegas Restaurants Association’s Golden Chef Awards.

The Vegas Strip was named the most livable city in America by WalletHub last year.

It was also the number one spot in the top 10 most livability cities in the country.

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