Restaurant chains want to make their buffet warmer

Cliches are the most popular meal in a restaurant.

The concept of buffet warmer allows diners to eat at their tables with warmer plates in the middle of the restaurant while the food is still warm.

That makes for a much more comfortable and pleasant experience, according to the owners of the popular buffet restaurants King and Caesar.

Cliches can also serve as a great way to prepare for a special occasion.

They’re the perfect way to bring friends together and to keep guests entertained while they’re dining together, the owners told Recode.

Cliche owner David Cliche told us that he was approached by a friend recently to come and work out for an hour on the patio of King’s Caesar in San Francisco, and then come back for dinner at the Caesar.

“I said, ‘Oh, this is a really nice idea.

I would love to do this,'” he said.

Criche has been working with Caesar for several years to improve its buffet warmer.

“We have to make it work better for them because it’s a much larger part of the business, and it’s really a critical part of our business,” he said of the hospitality industry.

“If we don’t improve it, we’re in trouble.”

Clichet told us the biggest problem with the buffet warmer is that it takes up a lot of space and is difficult to organize, which is why he’s started a petition on

He says that his restaurant is currently the only one in the city that offers this service, and he hopes to expand the service to other restaurants.

Cniches restaurant is one of the many in San Diego, including the ones at The Big O, Alinea and the El Segundo Barbecue.

The owner said that he would like to see this service expand to other areas of the country.

The new Caesar Buffet warmer is being offered in three sizes: regular, double-size and large.

It’s $49.95 and comes with a two-pack of three plates.

The owners said they hope the service expands beyond San Diego and beyond the restaurant industry.

“I want to bring this to other cities in the world,” he told us.

“It’s a huge opportunity for us to be the most efficient and the most convenient for the customers.”

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