Why India is celebrating the supermoon with a ‘super b******t’ buffet

The supermoon is on this year’s calendar and the country is gearing up for a big celebration.

According to reports, the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, has invited some of his closest associates to celebrate on Wednesday with a buffet of Indian food and desserts, along with Indian sweets and a carnival-style carnival ride.

The Prime Minister’s Office in New Delhi has confirmed the plans, but has not announced any details.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends the India-China Moon Festival, in New York, on February 23, 2020.

(Photo by AP/Mike Segar)India has also confirmed that the country will host the country-wide Supermoon Festival on Wednesday evening, with Modi saying: “This will be a celebration of India’s glorious past and present.

It will be an opportunity to show off our achievements and achievements in the 21st century.”

The supermoon, named after the constellation that houses it, is celebrated on the second full moon of the year.

“Supermoon, a day that is not only an auspicious day but also a day of celebration and celebration of life,” Modi said in a statement.

Modi also invited his aides and family members to a “special event” at a special banquet, in a bid to show his appreciation to the Indian people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modiy (R) and his wife Pradipa Pradap, who is also India’s Prime Minster, attend a ceremony to mark the beginning of the India Supermoon in New Zealand, February 21, 2020, on New Zealand’s New Zealand Territory.

Modi, who has been prime minister for the past eight years, is the first Indian leader to take the oath of office at the same ceremony.

Modi is the youngest prime minister in history.

(Reuters)Modi has been one of India ‘s most popular politicians and has made India ‘ s first Prime Ministerial term an important one in the country ‘s transition to a democracy.

Modi said he is looking forward to the celebrations, and said the country would also have a “great celebration on Wednesday night”.

Modi, who will be the first prime minister to step down from office, was sworn in as prime minister on December 22, and has already begun the process of transitioning India into a democracy, after years of military rule.

He has also been widely criticised for what many consider his authoritarian rule, and his decision to impose a tax on all Indian products in the hope of boosting sales.

The country is also expecting an astronomical rise in its GDP, due to an expected rise in the number of people visiting and investing in India.

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