Why Mexico’s ‘Star Buffet’ Won’t Open Its Doors To Black Guests

In Mexico, it’s not uncommon to find celebrities at star-studded star-starred restaurants.

But for the first time, Mexican food has a black chef in the kitchen.

The Mexican star-style buffet chain “Star Buffets” will not open its doors to Black guests.

In an exclusive interview with Vice News, co-owner of Star Buffets, Fernando “Diddy” Perez, revealed that he has no plans to open the chain to Black patrons in Mexico, saying, “It’s not something that’s on our radar.”

The chain, which has been operating in Mexico for nearly three decades, has expanded to the United States in the past decade.

The chain now serves up to 30,000 guests each day.

Perez said he and his team are committed to catering to the entire Mexican population.

The star-like restaurant serves a diverse menu of cuisines, from the country’s traditional dishes like burritos to the world’s most sought-after cuisine, including Mexican cuisine.

Star Buffet has been in business since 2005.

“We’ve been catering to Mexican diners for over 30 years,” Perez said.

“It has been a family tradition that we’ve followed for 30 years.

It is the Mexican tradition, it is the way it should be.”

Perez said the chain has recently added an extra layer of catering to help Black guests get a better experience.

He said that since he has been serving his customers the traditional Mexican cuisine, he has received positive feedback from Black guests who are looking for more diverse cuisine.

Peres said he plans to expand Star Buffeting to Mexico and other Latin American countries in the future.

He expects to open another Mexican-style star-themed restaurant in New York in 2018.

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