How to find out what is on your favorite rustic buffet

A new twist on the classic American buffet menu may be coming to Nashville.

In a bid to reduce the number of empty seats and increase food quality, the owners of the popular King buffet are planning to introduce a more seasonal menu in the coming months.

The King buffet is a favorite of many in Nashville, and is served from May through October.

In addition to the popular grilled steak and chicken and the classic cheesesteak, there are a number of other items on the menu that are also seasonal.

One of those items is the grilled steak sandwich, which is served with a variety of vegetables and meat.

The sandwich features a combination of sweet potato and cabbage, which are both popular in Nashville’s barbecue area.

The sandwich will be on the King buffet for several months and is scheduled to be replaced by a traditional American steak and potato.

“The King steak and potatoes will be a bit of a departure, but the same principles will be followed, so it will still be a classic,” the King owner, Jim Brown, told Metro Nashville News.

“We’re bringing back the old ways.

We’ll have a grilled steak, cabbage, carrots, a side of potato, and cheese, but it’s a lot more seasonal,” he added.

While the new menu may seem like a departure from the classic buffet, it’s not.

Brown explained that the goal is to create a healthy, fresh meal that will be served at the King.

“I like to say we’re a bit like the French Revolution,” Brown said.

“The American Revolution was based on the idea of bringing back our traditions, and the King is a bit similar to that.”

Brown and his family plan to open the King in the spring of 2018.

It will feature an assortment of dishes that are seasonal, including a grilled cheese sandwich, potato salad, and vegetable pie.

The King is expected to be one of the most popular restaurants in Nashville.

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