‘It’s a Mexican buffet’: How a Mexican restaurant in Dallas changed my life

DALLAS, Texas — It was a week before Thanksgiving.

A man in a yellow cowboy hat was driving across the parking lot of a Mexican-themed restaurant with a full bar.

He was talking to customers and ordering a $10 plate of tacos.

A waitress was on her feet, working.

The food was delicious.

But I was still hungry.

I knew it was an hour before we were going to have to eat.

I knew that I was going to be hungry.

The man on the phone, I don’t know how he ended up at my restaurant in the Dallas area, had the same idea.

He was an American, I was an Irish-Canadian, he said.

But when he saw my name in his phone, he knew I was the person he needed.

The man who called my restaurant wanted me to share his story.

The Irish man was on the way to a dinner party and his wife and young daughter were waiting outside.

They were the only ones there.

His daughter was crying.

I didn’t know what to do.

The phone rang.

It was my friend, a man named Dan.

He had been a longtime friend and had a new boyfriend.

The woman who answered the phone said she was from out of town.

She told me to come back.

She would call me.

I did.

It wasn’t the first time Dan had called to tell me that he loved me and I deserved a good night’s sleep.

When Dan came to my house on a Friday night in March of 2018, he was still trying to make sense of his life.

We had just moved from Ireland to Dallas, where I had been living for eight months.

We had just gotten married and we were moving into our first apartment.

We hadn’t even bought a home yet.

We were getting ready to move into a new one.

I told him I was feeling good and that I loved him.

I told him that my daughter was going through a difficult time.

He told me that my mom was battling cancer and that he was trying to find a new way to cope with it.

I asked if I could come to his house and talk about it.

He said yes.

We spent the next few days getting to know each other better.

I noticed a change in Dan.

I think I noticed that he didn’t like to talk about his mother.

We became closer.

I felt like I was helping him cope.

We started talking about his wife.

I wanted to know about her.

He didn’t want to talk to me about it, but he asked me to.

I was very curious, I said, I thought maybe you would like to know more about her, because we didn’t really know each others family.

He gave me a list of things we both wanted to ask.

We didn’t get the answers we wanted.

I remember Dan saying that he couldn’t believe that we had asked him for a list that I knew he would never have the time to do so.

But it was his way of saying, I know you love me and it’s going to take time for me to really understand how you feel.

When I returned home, I told my mother.

I had done a lot of research about her health and about cancer and she was in tears.

She couldn’t understand why I would have been so hard on my own daughter.

I want you to know, she said.

You were always there for me and that’s why I am here.

I wanted to tell you.

I want you now.

I remember the day that I found out I had Stage 4 colon cancer.

My father said to me, Dan, you have cancer.

I said to him, What is this?

And I said it was my first time.

It had just been a year since I had had a tumor.

My mother said, My god.

That was so hard to hear.

I thought about her every day.

She was so sad.

I would cry.

But at the same time, she was so strong and kind.

She said, You have cancer, you are doing everything you can.

And I think you have a lot to be proud of.

I just hope you find a way to be good and make a change for your daughter.

Dan was just a young man, and we knew that we would be in his shoes for the rest of our lives.

I was devastated, and I was scared that if I told anyone, they would kill me.

So I told Dan.

Dan asked, How did I tell my mother that I had cancer?

And he said, Well, you told me.

And my mother said to my dad, How is it that I can’t believe what I hear?

And then she hugged him.

And that was it.

She didn’t tell anyone because she thought it was a secret, and she knew it wasn’t.

She had never told anyone that she had cancer.I

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