When is the next gong show?

The Gong Show is back on the menu for the first time since it closed in September, with a buffet on offer for those craving something different.

The new menu includes a selection of Asian fusion dishes, some new to the menu, and some classics such as the chicken and vegetable dish. 

The Gong show opened in September in Melbourne’s CBD, where it had previously been held in the suburbs of Caulfield and Port Melbourne.

It is one of Melbourne’s longest running, and most popular events, with more than 3 million people taking part each year.

“It’s been quite a while since we’ve done a Gong and I’m really pleased with the results,” Gong host Dave Trieu told the ABC.

“I’m pleased to say that it has been quite successful in terms of attracting more people to the venue and the number of people who have come to eat and drink there.”

The event was once billed as “The biggest and the best gong party of the year”, with the average crowd at the venue reaching up to 30,000.

It was due to close in 2018 but reopened in November to mark the centenary of the event.

“This year, the venue has expanded a little bit to accommodate more people,” Mr Trieur said.

“We’re happy to say we have seen a big improvement in our attendance.”

It is the first event of the day at the restaurant, with its menu changing daily.

The Gongs buffet includes chicken, chicken, vegetable, lamb, pork, veg and fish dishes, while the gong menu is limited to the usual selections.

The event is currently being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

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