United has launched a brand new app to let fans shop with loyalty cards from the future

United is bringing a new loyalty card to the United States.

The card, called United FarePass, is available in select stores and on United’s website.

Customers who use United FareCard in their loyalty card account will be able to access all of their card balances.

United says the card can be used in United’s loyalty program at more than 800 participating stores, including all of its participating stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington, D.c.

United FarePass will be available starting June 20.

The card will be accepted at all United restaurants and at the following locations:United Fare Pass is a prepaid credit card that can be redeemed for loyalty rewards at select U.S. locations.

The United Fare Pass can be purchased with cash, gift cards or a United Gift Card.

United offers loyalty rewards on a number of items, including dining and shopping at select restaurants and participating grocery stores.

For more information, visitunited.com.

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