Why I’m a ‘gutless’ coach for the Sixers

It’s hard to argue that Philadelphia is not a great basketball city, especially since the Sixers were in the midst of an offseason that saw the Sixers lose some key players to free agency and re-sign a lot of others.

The Sixers are ranked No. 5 in the NBA in turnover margin, No. 1 in offensive efficiency and No. 8 in defensive efficiency. 

However, Philly’s current record isn’t nearly as good as it could be. 

It’s possible the Sixers could be in a situation where they have to make a decision that might leave them with a losing record for the second straight year.

If so, the team is better off in one way than in the other. 

Let’s go over why the Sixers should keep their job.1.

They’ve done enough to make the playoffs in the past.

The Philadelphia 76ers are currently in eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

They’re tied for the eighth-best record in the league, with the Brooklyn Nets at No. 2.

If the 76ers don’t make the postseason, they will be a first-round playoff team for the third straight season.

They’ll likely need to win their final five games of the season to make it into the postseason.

The 76ers have already made the playoffs four times in the last seven seasons.2.

They have a talented roster that has the potential to win NBA championships.

The Sixers have a strong, young core that has an opportunity to be one of the best teams in the game.

The team’s success will be determined by how many players and draft picks the Sixers land in the future, which could be a good or bad thing.

The draft picks could be used to acquire the players the Sixers need in free agency, such as guard Jordan Hamilton or forward Josh Richardson, who have both made the All-Star team.

The 76ers also have a top-five defense in the entire league.

They rank fifth in the defensive efficiency rating (ADP) and ninth in points allowed per 100 possessions.

That should be enough to win the league.3.

They need to make more moves to improve the roster.

There are still a lot more questions about the team’s roster than they have answers to right now.

The NBA Draft is approaching and the 76s still have some questions about their future, including who is the starting center and who is starting in the backcourt.

But there are signs that the Sixers have addressed some of the concerns that have plagued them over the past few seasons.

The biggest issue in Philly is that the team hasn’t been able to find a center that fits their system. 

The Sixers need to find some answers on the wing.

They could do a lot worse than Jordan Hamilton, a 6-foot-9 guard who can play the four, the five and the six.

He’s a great athlete with excellent athleticism, and he can score.

He would also provide a ton of depth in the frontcourt, and could also help with the transition defense.

They also could go with a big man who is a three-and-D guy who can score at the rim, or perhaps they could move on from Al Jefferson. 

Hamilton’s athleticism could also be a big help for the 76’s big men.

They currently have five big men in the starting lineup, but could move to four, five and six at some point this season.

Hamilton would also give them another perimeter player who can help them defensively.

The next move could be to add another big man to the bench who can fill in for Jefferson on the other end of the floor.4.

The frontcourt needs to be better.

There have been plenty of rumors about the front court’s lack of depth, but the front-court is where the Sixers most need to improve this offseason.

They are in need of another big, athletic big man and another skilled big in the wings.

The Philadelphia 76er’s roster lacks those three pieces. 

Philadelphia will likely go with some type of hybrid frontcourt that could include a center, guard and shooting guard.

If there is one player on that roster who is an ideal fit for the front line, it is Hamilton.

He can score, create for others, defend and be a solid two-way player.5.

They must find a way to get better on defense.

Defense has been a big issue for Philadelphia over the last few years.

In 2016-17, the 76er frontcourt ranked 29th in the NFL in defensive rating.

They were second in points per possession, 24th in defensive turnover margin and 27th in offensive defensive efficiency, which means they gave up more points per game than the league average.

The most important factor is the way they defended the NBA’s most dangerous offensive player, Kevin Durant.

The teams defensive rating on Durant was 17th, and his offensive rating was 17.9, which was a significant difference.

Philadelphia’s defensive rating this season has dropped to 18th, which is bad

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