Regal Buffet: A ‘real life buffet’

RIO BERNARDINO, Brazil — It’s a buffet with a real life theme.

It’s a place where people come together to eat and drink, where families gather for a family meal or just hang out and socialize.

It also has its own logo: the Brazilian RIO.

It is a place of comfort, and a place for families to spend time with their loved ones.

For families with children, the Brazilian Rio is a home away from home, and for the children, a place to play.

The Rio BERNardino is the home of the Rio Grande, the Rio Carnival, and the Rio Family Carnival, all of which feature special menus, drinks and special events, as well as the Rio Dios, Rio de Janeiro’s national carnival.

The buffet is open to the public, but reservations are required to reserve your spot.

For reservations, visit

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