New Chicago restaurant offers ‘Breakfast’ buffet ideas

Chicago-area eateries are now offering breakfast and lunch buffet ideas to customers.

Chefs at Chicago-based eateries like the Chicago Kitchen & Bar, Kettlehouse, and Baking & Bread are offering lunch and breakfast buffet options for their customers.

The menus are currently available at all of the restaurants.

The Chicago Kitchen and Bar offers breakfast and brunch buffet options.

The menu is available online for a limited time at

Baking & Biscuit offers breakfast buffet option.

The restaurant is open daily.

The Baking and Breads Breakfast Buffet menu is now available online.

The menu is still available at most Chicago restaurants.

Chicago Kitchen & Baking offers lunch buffet option for a special meal.

The meal is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The lunch buffet is now open to all Chicago-style eateries.

Kettlehouse offers lunch breakfast buffet at its Chicago location.

The buffet offers a variety of breakfast items, including sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and a variety-of-sauces menu.

The breakfast buffet menu is currently available online at

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