Japanese restaurant offers ‘black’ sushi buffet, ‘white’ sushi table in honor of Japanese WWII war dead

Hacker News user dakino_kara_x posted a photo of the Japanese restaurant’s sushi buffet table decorated in a dark blue color scheme and featuring a white, dark blue sushi table.

The image was shared over 3,000 times and had over 1,000 likes as of Wednesday.

A second photo of another Japanese sushi restaurant, Blackfish, also featuring a black sushi table also garnered more than 1,200 likes and over 300 shares.

“The sushi buffet at Blackfish is so black and white,” user kagetsu_kuroki_ said.

“Blackfish sushi buffet is really a very popular Japanese restaurant, so we’re really happy that it’s featured in this article.”

Another user added: “Blackbeard is the one who started this black sushi buffet.”

Japanese restaurants also feature Japanese-themed menus, including the popular “Japanese Sushi” menu.

“We are celebrating the Japanese WWII veterans who served in WWII by making the Japanese sushi buffet and other Japanese themed menus in celebration,” Blackfish owner Masahiro Uehara said.

The restaurant will serve “black and white” sushi and other “black” sushi dishes, according to a statement from the restaurant.

A post shared by Blackfish (@blackfish_jp) on Aug 25, 2019 at 4:19pm PDT In Japan, black sushi is considered to be more authentic than white sushi.

A Japanese sushi chef once explained to a Japanese journalist that “the black sushi looks more Japanese than the white sushi,” according to an article from the Japanese magazine “Shimbun.”

“Black is better than white,” said the chef, who said that “it is easier to serve the black sushi with white fish.”

“When you serve black sushi, you can be more careful when serving it with white.”

Blackfish’s website is available to view and search for a Japanese restaurant near you.

“Japanese sushi is a very special food and we are honored to serve it at Black Fish, Japan’s only sushi restaurant,” Ueharara said in a statement.

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