Japan’s best sushi restaurants: Here are the best sushi spots around Japan

A Japanese sushi chef has created a unique take on the traditional sushi style with his restaurant, called the “Japan’s best buffet restaurants”.

The new “buffet” concept offers a mix of traditional Japanese sushi and modern sushi cuisine.

The menu includes dishes that are prepared to order, including sushi-style nigiri rolls, and other traditional sushi items, such as sushi rolls.

Sushi-style nikoto sushi rolls are prepared at the “Sushi Restaurant” at the Japanese Buffet Inn in Osaka, Japan.

A sushi chef prepares a nigiri roll for diners at the Japan’s first sushi buffet restaurant, the Japans first sushi restaurant in Osaka.

A customer prepares a sushi roll for the “buffett” at a sushi restaurant at the Tokyo Buffet Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, on July 1, 2020.

Japan’s first “buffets” were established in the 1960s to offer the countrys first taste of traditional sushi cuisine at a premium.

The “buffetts” were usually closed, but new restaurants opened to take their place.

In 2016, the country introduced a second buffet, and today, more than 2,500 “buffeter” restaurants in the country serve up traditional sushi, including traditional nikotas, katsuo, sushi rolls, nagebushi and nyama rolls.

The first “Buffet” restaurant opened in May 2018.

In 2018, the new restaurant “Sasha’s” opened in Osaka and is already being visited by a growing number of diners.

Sasha Sushi, the restaurant owner, said in an interview with the Japan Times that he and his staff have become “very lucky” to have found a niche in the Japanese market.

He said that there are so many different types of sushi available, from traditional to modern, that there is “no such thing as a perfect sushi.

We try to offer it to everyone and have it be good for everyone.”

I’m so happy to have started this restaurant, he added.

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