A white buffet is set to become the new home of the NBA’s Orlando Magic

By BRIAN BROWNSTEIN-DUARTOThe NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers have been looking to make a change to the way they serve food since the team moved to a new arena in 2016.

The NBA, the league office and the Portland Trailblazers have been working on an overhaul of the food at the new arena that will be unveiled on March 14.

The new menu includes white buffet tables, buffets storage cabinets and an expansion of the buffet area at the arena.

It will include a full bar.

In addition, the Blazers will open a new, indoor practice facility that will house all team practices.

In a statement to Bleacher Sports, the NBA said it is “excited” about the new menu.

“We’re looking forward to launching the new Portland TrailBlazers dining experience in our new home in downtown Orlando, Florida,” the statement said.

“We’ve made significant progress in our food and beverage menu modernization plan and are confident that our guests will be pleased with the improvements.”

The NBA has said that the new restaurant will feature a “new menu of more than 10,000 items” and will include:1.

A full bar2.

A new buffet area3.

A more comfortable and inviting outdoor seating area4.

A wider selection of wines and craft beers5.

A wide selection of local wines and other spirits6.

A variety of beverages, including wines from local breweries7.

New draft beer, wines from across the country8.

New wine selections9.

A rotating menu of wines from around the world10.

A selection of beer from around California and beyond

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