Hilton’s newest restaurant is a black buffet

Hilton’s new buffet restaurant is called “Black Buffet” and the restaurant is set to open in mid-March.

It is a $3,800 buffet restaurant located in the Hilton Hyatt Regency.

It will serve food that is black, with no whites.

It includes a black and white menu, which will include a black-and-white bar, black-colored seating and a full bar and patio.

There will be no white-colored service.

The restaurant will be a “black buffet” with a menu that includes a bar, a full dining area, and a buffet counter.

The kitchen will have a blackboard and tables with black handles and wooden chairs.

The dining room will have tables with white handles and wood chairs.

The restaurant will include black-color television and a black service bar.

It also includes a large wall of glass, which is covered in a white background and white accents.

The walls will be adorned with photos of the chefs, staff, and guests.

The menu will include: black-flavored white fish, black roasted chicken, and black fish salad.

Black-flowered coffee, black hot chocolate, and the white beverage of choice will also be served.

The buffet restaurant will have three separate restaurants with different dining rooms.

The main restaurant will feature two dining rooms and a large bar.

The second restaurant will offer a more upscale menu, including an espresso bar, two bar areas, a wine bar, and more.

The third restaurant will focus on the black buffet, serving black and brown fish, beef, and chicken.

The fourth restaurant will serve all the traditional Hawaiian-style dishes.

The five-star restaurant is expected to open within three months.

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