How much is your Chinese food worth?

More than 100 years after the introduction of the grand buffet, which was first introduced to Sydney in 1884, the idea is still being embraced by locals.

But the price tag is still a concern.

The grand buffet was the first to offer a full meal for the price of a small lunch at a popular Chinese restaurant.

The buffet is usually sold for $70, but on the menu it is listed as $80.

This price has since been adjusted.

The Chinese menu is often priced at $125.

And it is not uncommon for guests to pay $200 to $300 for their buffet.

The price is partly the result of the fact that the grand breakfast buffet was designed to be served by Chinese cooks.

They were expected to have the most advanced culinary skills and to be able to make a meal that was both delicious and nutritious.

The Grand Breakfast Buffet’s menu is now available online, but the Chinese menu remains a mystery.

One of the main reasons is because it was not part of the original grand buffet.

In the 1920s, the grand restaurant at the Sydney Opera House was the largest Chinese restaurant in Australia, serving up more than 500 dishes.

A grand buffet is the ultimate in Chinese cuisine, and it has become a popular tourist attraction, attracting crowds of hundreds of thousands of people a year.

The Grand Buffet at the Opera House is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sydney.

Photo: Simon O’Dwyer But while the grand Chinese buffet has been around for more than 100 or so years, it has been largely forgotten by the public.

This article covers the first part of an ongoing series that looks at the history of the Australian grand buffet and the future of dining in Australia.

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