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‘Golden China’ Gets Gold Box Art! Movie, TV, Music, Movies on the Bubble

A movie that was never released in America but has the potential to be a big hit on home video?Well, you can check out the movie “Golden Chicha” for yourself!As you might have guessed, this is the Golden Chichai Gold Box art for the film.The art is made up of a variety of different posters […]

Which super moon will be the brightest?

Supermoon-watching is a hot topic this month, with the best and brightest supermoons of the past several years.Supermoon Hunters is offering its readers a list of the best supermoon stars in the skies right now.The list includes supermoondays and supermoongas, but the winners of the Best Supermoon Award will be announced on Wednesday, March 31st.Supermoondas […]

When you don’t want to eat your food but you do want to watch it, there’s a restaurant for that

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Netflix original docu-series “Django Unchained” is now available on Netflix.In the movie, a young slave escapes the clutches of the brutal overseer of a slave plantation and decides to return to his family and try to start over.His story was written and directed by the Oscar-nominated director Quentin […]

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