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‘It’s a Mexican buffet’: How a Mexican restaurant in Dallas changed my life

DALLAS, Texas — It was a week before Thanksgiving.A man in a yellow cowboy hat was driving across the parking lot of a Mexican-themed restaurant with a full bar.He was talking to customers and ordering a $10 plate of tacos.A waitress was on her feet, working.The food was delicious.But I was still hungry.I knew it […]

Hilton’s newest restaurant is a black buffet

Hilton’s new buffet restaurant is called “Black Buffet” and the restaurant is set to open in mid-March.It is a $3,800 buffet restaurant located in the Hilton Hyatt Regency.It will serve food that is black, with no whites.It includes a black and white menu, which will include a black-and-white bar, black-colored seating and a full bar […]

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