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How to find a new krazy buffet table in a krazy garage

You’ll need to have the right type of krazy cabin to create a krystal’s new krystral table.The first step in krystals creation is choosing the krystallic type.Krystal types are generally small or square shaped, but can have multiple legs, or can have one or two large legs, depending on how you want to stack the […]

The most expensive Japanese dishes in the world, according to an infographic

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the most expensive meals in Japan are actually a hamburger with pickled onions, a chicken burger and a chicken dinner.Now we’re here to prove that Japanese meals are more expensive than ever. This infographic comes courtesy of food and travel blog Kobo Japan, which created it using data […]

Tin Tin Grill is ‘Going Through the Revival Process’

A Tin Tin has a lot to prove.The Japanese restaurant opened in the U.S. in 2016 with a simple concept: a traditional Japanese grill.Its menu is filled with traditional Japanese food like sushi, sushi rolls, and grilled fish.It’s also got a quirky, whimsical side, like an old fashioned, Japanese, kimono-wearing woman that opens her hands […]

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