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How to Enjoy a Chinese Seafood and Korean Food Buffet at The China Sea Barbecue Restaurant

Shanghai, China—In the bustling city of Shanghai, one of the world’s largest food markets, Chinese barbecue is the rage.In the last decade, Shanghai has seen an explosion in the number of barbecue restaurants, with nearly 1,000 restaurants now open and a steady flow of new ones.And Chinese barbecue isn’t just for the grill: It’s a […]

How to get free food from The New Orleans Reno atlanta buffet

The New York Times reported that diners at the Reno buffet at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival had been receiving free food.The Times reported the food was “free for all” and was offered to guests without a reservation.The Reno, located at The Gateway at The Louisiana State Fairgrounds, is a new restaurant that […]

When will Korean-style barbecue and chicken-and-cheese-based soups arrive in the US?

When I recently went to the Korean barbecue joint I had heard about, Korean BBQ, in which the owner and his staff prepare everything from brisket to bibimbap, there was a small queue to enter the kitchen to get a seat.But when I got there, I found a very different experience.As I sat at the […]

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