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How to get free food from The New Orleans Reno atlanta buffet

The New York Times reported that diners at the Reno buffet at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival had been receiving free food.The Times reported the food was “free for all” and was offered to guests without a reservation.The Reno, located at The Gateway at The Louisiana State Fairgrounds, is a new restaurant that […]

Which super moon will be the brightest?

Supermoon-watching is a hot topic this month, with the best and brightest supermoons of the past several years.Supermoon Hunters is offering its readers a list of the best supermoon stars in the skies right now.The list includes supermoondays and supermoongas, but the winners of the Best Supermoon Award will be announced on Wednesday, March 31st.Supermoondas […]

Why India is celebrating the supermoon with a ‘super b******t’ buffet

The supermoon is on this year’s calendar and the country is gearing up for a big celebration.According to reports, the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, has invited some of his closest associates to celebrate on Wednesday with a buffet of Indian food and desserts, along with Indian sweets and a carnival-style carnival ride.The Prime Minister’s […]

How to catch the best food at the Supermoon celebration in China

It was the first time in the Chinese calendar the moon would appear in full, with a supermoon of the full moon.The celebration was part of the Lunar New Year celebrations, with people visiting local restaurants to get the best Chinese food possible.There were about 500,000 people in the area.Some restaurants opened their doors at […]

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